Ementas de Grupo

Menú I    
Menú II    
Menú III    
Menú IV    
Bread, Butter and seasoned olives

Starters (choose 1)
Goat cheese in a bed of lettuce and strawberry jam
Sea food Cream soup

Main Dish

Fish Dish (choose 1)
Tumbrel with broad beans and clam purée;
Small Pot of Fish and Seafood.

Meat Dish (choose 1)
Duck Magret garnished with sweet potato and endives.
Veal Chunk from Barrosã scented with port wine.

Desserts (choose 1)
Fruit Kebab with Custard;
Mango Parfait;
Tatin Pie with vanilla ice cream;
Citrons Tart with meringue.

Included drinks
Mineral water;
Red or White Wine;
Coffee or tea.

Menú V