Ementas de Grupo

Menú I    
Menú II    
Menú III    
Menú IV    
Menú V    
Bread, Butter, garlic butter, tuna pâté and seasoned olives

Starters (choose 1)
Wild mushrooms on Cheese from Serra da Estrela
Asparagus with smoked ham

Main Dish

Fish Dish (choose 1)
Tiger Prawns with Cayenne pepper garnished with wild rice;
Monk-fish garnished with broad beans purée with clams.

Meat Dish (choose 1)
Iberian Pork loin garnished with endives and roasted potato.
Young Veal medallions with prawns and clams.

Desserts (choose 1)
Petit Gâteaux Sacramento;
Mango Parfait;
Coffee Surprise and Bitter Chocolate;
Chocolate crown au ragout of wild fruits.

Included drinks
Mineral water;
Red or White Wine;
Coffee or tea.